TEL : +81-0237-28-2322 / MAIL : ko_info@ginzanso.jp


The room prepares the Japanese-style room and the harmony Western-style room.
(※There are neither a bath nor a rest room in the room, sorry)


Hot spring has various effects like neuralgia, rheumatism, and women's diseases, etc.
It gets warm from the wick of the body if entering once.


Thank you for using this hotel.
At the time of check-in, I will work as the following questions / guides.


  1. Are you edible? [YES or NO]
    ・Fermented soybeans (納豆)
    ・sashimi (刺身)
    ・beef (牛肉)
    ・pork (豚肉)
    ・chicken (鶏肉)
  2. In breakfast, do you make it rice or rice porridge which?


  1. I will inform you of the time of supper and the breakfast at the check-in.
  2. There is the bathhouse in the first floor. You cannot take a bath at 19:30 from 19:00 in time for cleaning.
  3. There are three emergency exits when leave the room.
  4. Please put the valuables in the safe of the room. In addition, I receive cash / the valuables at the front desk.
  5. The refrigerator of the room is empty. Please use the vending machine of the corridor.
  6. It is 9:40 in the time for bus of the next day. Please come to the front desk by five minutes.
  7. The check-out is 10:00. I ask for accounts until 9:30.

Cancellation charge

3day before check-in date : 30% of reservation price
2day before check-in date : 30% of reservation price
1day before check-in date : 50% of reservation price
Check-in date : 100% of reservation price
No notification : 100% of reservation price

Payee's bank account name

山形銀行 尾花沢支店 "Yamagata Bank Obanazawa branch"
普通預金 0038326 "account number 0038326"
(株) 銀山荘 "Ltd.GINZANSO"


We recommend you to rent a car. However, you can reach the facility by taking Tohoku Shinkansen (bullet train) to Oishida station (JR大石田駅) and then taking a local bus to Ginzan Onsen.
We even offer shuttle bus service 3 times a day to and from Oishida station. If you inform us beforehand, we can make arrangements for you.