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At the time of check-in, I will work as the following questions / guides.


  1. Are you edible? [YES or NO]
  2. ¡¦Fermented soybeans (ǼƦ)

    ¡¦sashimi (»É¿È)

    ¡¦beef (µíÆù)

    ¡¦pork (ÆÚÆù)

    ¡¦chicken (·ÜÆù)

  3. In breakfast, do you make it rice or rice porridge which?


  1. I will inform you of the time of supper and the breakfast at the check-in.
  2. There is the bathhouse in the first floor. You cannot take a bath at 19:30 from 19:00 in time for cleaning.
  3. There are three emergency exits when leave the room.
  4. Please put the valuables in the safe of the room. In addition, I receive cash / the valuables at the front desk.
  5. The refrigerator of the room is empty. Please use the vending machine of the corridor.
  6. It is 9:40 in the time for bus of the next day. Please come to the front desk by five minutes.
  7. The check-out is 10:00. I ask for accounts until 9:30.

¢£Cancellation charge

3day before check-in date : 30% of reservation price

2day before check-in date : 30% of reservation price

1day before check-in date : 50% of reservation price

Check-in date : 100% of reservation price

No notification : 100% of reservation price

¢£Payee's bank account name

»³·Á¶ä¹Ô Èø²ÖÂô»ÙŹ "Yamagata Bank Obanazawa branch"

ÉáÄÌͶâ 0038326 "account number 0038326"

(³ô) ¶ä»³Áñ "Ltd.GINZANSO"

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